A Gift…

For those of you lucky enough to attend Marcus Houston’s Krav Maga or Tactical Edge classes in Edinburgh and anyone who braves Combat Ready Conditioning on Monday check this out…

Marcus will be hosting Sifu Mark Cheng, of Kettlebells Los Angeles and Chief Kettlebell Instructor from the Inosanto Academy. Mark will be teaching a Combat Shuai Chiao Workshop in place of Marcus regular 8.00 pm class this Wednesday 13th March. In Los Angeles this class is by invitation only. Mark arrives in Edinburgh from LA at 5.00pm and is coming to teach at 8.00pm. Talk about TURN UP!

You can find more info on the KME blog here…

I pay good money to train with the best where ever and when ever I can. Can you believe this is just part of your regular week?! Damn!
Be there. TURN UP!
Our Glasgow Hard Style Master Class is SOLD OUT! There are a few (and I mean a few) places left on Sunday 16th in Edinburgh.
Miss this at your peril!

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