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Shinrin Shintai – Forest Movement – ApeFit and Surf & Turf!

Some time ago I came across the wonderful Japanese concept of Shinrin Yoku, forest bathing. Eva Selhub, author of “Your Brain on Nature” highlighted the numerous studies that have demonstrated  how “shinrin-yoku, also known as forest bathing or time spent in green spaces, … [ read more ]

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All diets eventually become extinct. Yes, even Paleo. We evolve, we adapt. As long as we are cooking we are doing the best thing we can for


There are monsters…

...I am awake. Wide awake. I turn my phone over and check the time. 3 AM...on the dot. Outside the sodium street lights bathe everything in an orange


Bogatyr Rising Kettlebell Long Cycle Program

A long , long time ago in a gym faraway... My introdcution to kettlebells came via Pavel Tsatsouline and his book "Enter The Kettlebell". In truth, no amount of


The Continuum of Mind and Body

“Thirty minutes of moving our body or thirty minutes of meditating on compassion lead to vitality and happiness. The more we understand this, the more we do it.


Fructose, Smoking and the benefits of being overweight.

Business as usual in the world of health and well being. Remember to set you critical faculties to the "on" position before reading. It seems that...

  • Being overweight

Be Willing to be a beginner every single morning



Guest Post at 100 Rep Challenge – Deep Practice

Please head over to the 100 Rep Challenge and check out this wonderful post from m.c. Schraefel on the power of practice...

100 Reps Towards

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It all starts with a breath…

There are some who will tell you that the first thing we need is strength. Respectfully, I beg to differ. To be strong we need to be able to move.


There’s an App for that…

You know the score, you see some App and you think, "Great, that will make my life simpler". So you download it, open it up, take a look,

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