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A long , long time ago in a gym faraway…

My introdcution to kettlebells came via Pavel Tsatsouline and his book “Enter The Kettlebell”. In truth, no amount of reading or practice would make up for eventually attending the RKC certification in Denmark all those years ago. As good an introduction as Enter the Kettlebell was, it was the ETK Workbook, produced by Anthony DeLugio that pulled my training together. It’s often the case that we have the tools but not the blue print.

Trial and error can get you so far but it’s time consuming and why would you want to waste all that energy if someone who has gone before is prepared to map it all out for you?

Thierry Sanchez of Kettlebells DK has always been generous with his knowledge. Blog posts abound with tips, clips and suggestions abound. And he is wonderfully practical in his approach. His new Bogatyr Rising Kettlebell Long Cycle Program offers a blueprint for the the aspiring Girevik.

For anyone who is interested in the Sport of Kettlebell lifting, Bogatyr Rising lays out everything you need to bump your numbers up and get competition ready. Thierry is quick to point out that a template doesn’t replace the input of a coach, but since so many folk are working away in basements, garages and backyards this is an excellent resource for many lifters.

As Thierry points out…

The goal of the program is to have you last a 10 minute set with 2x24kg kettlebells, and take your numbers to a competitive level, of roughly 60-90 reps, depending on your bodyweight.

Everything you need is outlined and planned – from specific kettlebell assistance drills, assistance strength training, cardio, restitution strategies, how to progress at your own rhythm, and even advice about how to tweak the program for a competition. Video links for warm up and restitution included. The only thing not included is how to lift!

Thierry has a ton of experience getting his own athletes competition ready. He brings that knowledge and expertise to Bogatyr Rising. The book itself is as straightforward and to the point as can be. No messing, just solid useable training information.

If you are entry level you can check out his free online program. But if you are ready to ramp up your numbers, for 20 Euros / $27 you can pick up Thierry’s Long Cycle Program HERE.

PS: This is not an affiliate scheme. No palms were greased during this blog post…

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  • Thierry Sanchez

    thanks for an objective review Rannoch, I really think this is going to make a lot of sense for people!

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