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You Are The Dojo 道場

Dōjō (道場 ) is the Japanese word for “place of the way”. Originally the formal training halls of temples, in the West, the term dōjō has become synonymous with traditional martials arts.
The traditional Japanese martial arts dōjō is a sacred space. Cleaned and maintained… [ read more ]

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East Meets West – Medicine


Jonathan Lewis

Trigger Point Performance Therapy

 "What you tolerate, you accept" - Cassidy Phillips

As we wear and tear, and we all do, we have a choice. We can chalk up those aches


Nutritionazis – Definiftion – noun :

Nutritionazi(s) noun: - A self righteous individual or group who makes judgement on other peoples eating habits whilst promoting their own "true


Fingers Crossed…

Cj over at CJS Fitness got me thinking today. We are all making plans. Resolutions.  As if life has a starting line and the starting pistol


ZzzzzzHealth…The Secret of Sleep

For a long time I wore my nightly wakefulness as a badge of honour. Up there with the best of them - Groucho Marx, Benjamin Franklin, Carey

Path of no resistance

So, turns our all that time, effort, energy and money I've invested trying to improve my lot has been a waste!

For the sum of $14.99 I've become a

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