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You Are Your Own Gym

Functional vs Fictional Training

Inspired by a dialogue on Facebook this week, I got thinking about the hyperbolic training speak that surrounds the simple business of applying movement. One friend was quick to point out we are in “underground, cutting edge, secret, stealth – synonyms for marketing bullshit.” [ read more ]

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Simple Strength – Sumi e

Over the last couple of years a number of people have asked me about the origin and significance of the Simple Strength logo. I have to confess,


Doing and Being

We are obsessed with "doing". Life as a series of check boxes waiting to be ticked off. Another item on the to do list...done. An accumulation of events at the


Trying vs Training

There are certain words that get used with such ubiquity that they lose all sense of meaning. When everything is either "fantastic" or "disatrous" there is no sense

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