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Steve Cotter…and the Evolution of all things Kettlebells

I say it but maybe not often enough. I get to train and learn from some of the coolest people around. And they don’t come any cooler than International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation President, Steve Cotter… [ read more ]. If you have been around Steve you will

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Live Life Aggressively! – Mike Mahler Interview

In a world of "Do as I say, not as I do" coaches and trainers, there are a handful for individuals who stand out. I have had


How to get lucky…

I am a lucky guy. Seriously. Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to train, study and learn with some

Combat Ready Essentials III

Combat Ready – 247365

This is the logo for Combat Ready. The philosophy is simply

Live How You Train

I've been

The Art Of Learning

Sunday saw another successful workshop. Sifu Mark Cheng's visit really brought home the

Path of no resistance

So, turns our all that time, effort, energy and money I've invested trying to improve my lot has been a waste!

For the sum of $14.99 I've become a

Into the great wide open…

Damn I love training out doors! And tonite we had the chance. Marcus Houston of Krav Maga

Power in Action – Think Kettlebells

I just re-read the attached article which I originally came across on Lou Schuler's Male Pattern Fitness page. If you don't have Lou in your favourites yet

A Gift…

For those of you lucky enough to attend Marcus Houston's Krav Maga or Tactical Edge classes in Edinburgh and anyone who braves Combat Ready Conditioning on

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