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Ross Enamait

Watching Ross Enamait jump rope is enough to bring even the most seasoned athlete out in a nervous sweat. But don’t fret, Ross’s new DVD, Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes brings out the best in even the most uncoordinated, de-conditioned , ring rusty warrior.

Ross has delivered a bunch of high value, no-nonsense training books and DVDs over the years that are classics in the training community. (Check out “Never Gymless”, “Infinite Intensity and “Full throttle Conditioning”) Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes continues that tradition. Ross comes from the school of “it if ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Now if you are familiar with Ross you will know that his training material comes with plenty of science to back it up, but Ross’s experience comes from the the trenches so what you get is exactly what he uses to train professional fighters. Don’t let that scare you off, what he has to offer is simply some of the most effective, functional training you will come across.

I have said on many occasions that combat style conditioning presents the average person with the most comprehensive set of tools to get fit, strong, lean, healthy, injury free and confident in a time efficient manner. When you are delivering a fighter into the arena, you need him healthy, he’s going get hit, you need him 100% on his game. Here, we are getting fighting fit without getting hit.

Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes introduces the humble skipping rope as a tool for conditioning but Ross is quick to point out that jumping rope is so much more. Unlike steady state cardio, where the average person zones out, jumping rope calls for mental engagement, concentration and best of all it sharpens a host of other attributes including balance, co-ordination, footwork and timing. All the greats have demonstrated there dazzling rope skills, from Marciano to Mayweather. So whilst any number of novel training methods may come and go, the Jump Rope remains the heart of the combat athletes arsenal.

When I told Howie Brewer of Kettlebells NY I had just picked up a copy of Jump Rope Conditioning for Athletes he told me

“You’re going to love it. So much information. I’ve been digesting it in small bites. Watching a little, testing it out, and getting comfortable with it before moving on. Don’t be in hurry with this, it’s too good to rush through. Savor every bit of it”.

He wasn’t wrong.

Maybe it’s a lifetime spent in the fight game, but Ross’s straight to camera no nonsense delivery is completely engaging. It’s like you are there, getting one to one time with your own coach.

The DVD itself start out with an over view of the benefits of rope work and the time tested value of rope conditioning. Ross goes over the basic choices for ropes (his own preference is the inexpensive freestyle rope) and then we are in to the skills themselves. Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes comprehensively cover an incredible amount of material. Ross goes in to the basics and follows this up with high knees, alternate steps, heel touches, bounce steps, criss crosses, transitions, double unders, triple unders, variations, single let and backwards drills. Everything is covered in detail and Ross encourages you at every stage to simply work at your own level and build up the necessary skill and work capacity to mix things up and allow yourself to freestyle (but not at the expense of using the rope to really challenge yourself). Ross concludes with some suggestions on how to integrate rope work in to training using intervals, timed rounds, circuits, warm ups and finishers,all in an effort to increase your work capacity over time. The main take away here is to mix it up and not put “all your eggs in one basket”.

Let’s face, the majority of  training DVDs are over blown production numbers or dull as dish water. Ross is able to deliver almost two hours of fantastic material simply talking to camera and demonstrating everything in detail. With the DVD you also get a 44 page electronic book that includes a detailed FAQ along with 20 sample jump rope workouts. Oh, and did I say it costs less that $14.00. One more time for the people in the back row…FOURTEEN BUCKS! I can’t recommend it highly enough. Maybe the humble jump rope isn’t “cutting edge”, super sexy, new or novel but it’s time tested, supremely challenging and a fantastic way to get some serious conditioning under your belt.

Disclosure – I am not Ross’s bitch. I bought this DVD with my own money…and you should too!

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