Nutritionazis – Definiftion – noun :


Nutritionazi(s) noun: – A self righteous individual or group who makes judgement on other peoples eating habits whilst promoting their own “true way”…often involving novel eating strategies and supplements which, like the foods they condemn, are invariably made in a lab rather than a kitchen.

I am not a fan of nutrition as a subject unless you are talking about people who have cut their teeth (excuse the pun) clinically or studied the subject enough to separate cause and correlation. There are way too many folk out there offering strange and often conflicting information based on the say so of others -  fad dietary suggestions, novel eating strategies and interesting but historically unverifiable findings. The nutrition groupies are growing at an alarming rate and in the process seem to have abandoned their critical cajones.

We should get back to the topic of eating well. That is much more palatable ;)

It is common sense and requires little or no evangelising, but common sense is in short supply when all you can eat is available, pre-packed, ready cooked and on the table in less than 6 minutes. Even worse when foods are accompanied by health claims. Spreads that reduce cholesterol, drinks that give you vitamins?

I am astounded by the number of trainers I come across who think they are nutritionally aware simply because they have digested ( I am on a roll here!) the thoughts and teachings of a particular coach or trainer and can regurgitate (there we go again) them at will.

Whilst it is all well and good to perform personal experiments, in fact it is crucial, like omitting dairy for a while, adding more vegetables to your diet, exploring the odd supplement if you have your daily eating in check, all this is anecdotal. When people who have read the latest book by the latest nutrition master and start proselytising, I tend to shut off.

Self experiment, report back, let us know your findings. Who knows, it might, might just work for me too?

Cooking, eating, sharing food, this all has deep social and cultural roots. But you only need to look at the perfect produce and colorful images on the ready meals in the supermarket to realise, we don’t really want the hassle, we want the end product. And product it is.

About a year back I was introduced to Intermittent Fasting by Chris over at the excellent Conditioning Research. I was curious, since the process was incredibly simple and appealed to my sense of adopting, adapting and applying. I found within a couple of weeks that simply not eating in an 18 hour period was…

  • Easier than I anticipated
  • Let me drop around a pound or two where it counts
  • Cut the edge off my sweet tooth
  • Made me feel wonderfully pious

…but most of all it became something that was easy to do, on the spur. No decent food choices on a flight somewhere, fine, give me a bottle of water and I’ll eat later. Miss a meal due to commitments, not a problem, I’ll fuel up later. And even better, after a simple fast I find myself wanting to eat clean wholesome foods.So, implementing a simple weekly fast changed my relationship with food, for the better. Simple.

Every meal can be a reward. Why the need to have cheat meals, load up on junk, eat crap? Certainly, the odd deep filled, super sized, extra cheese, hold the salad, junk burger  is not going to kill you. But to elevate it to excellence in gastronomy is to miss out on the real enduring, pleasure of well chosen, well prepared, satisfying, sustainable eating.

Live to eat, eat to live. Both sides are missing the point. To reduce food to fuel or elevate junk to excellence in gastronomy is to miss out on the real enduring, pleasure of well chosen, well prepared, satisfying, sustainable eating that will nourish both body and soul.

Food is simple. It is what we do with it that complicates the picture.

I know I refer to this often but…

“Eat food,(*and the occasional hemoglobin) mostly leaves, not too much” – Michael Pollan

*Hat tip to Wolfgang and thanks to Jez for getting me thinking!

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