Power in Action – Think Kettlebells

I just re-read the attached article which I originally came across on Lou Schuler’s Male Pattern Fitness page. If you don’t have Lou in your favourites yet you should!

Entitled A power move for strength training is has a fantastic quote from renowned coach Mark Verstegen regarding Power -

“Think of strength as dial-up Internet; it serves a great purpose but is slower to boot up when you need it most,” he says. “Power is your high-speed broadband connection, ready to be used instantly on demand.”

Later on it references Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle, a Boston-based strength and conditioning coach, says there are other ways to train for speed of movement. Medicine balls, resistance bands or simply climbing stairs at a rapid pace all can be used as forms of power training.He cautions that power training is relative: “The important point is that we need to train as fast as our clients are physically capable of going.”

Think Kettlebells.

Worth reading the rest of it. When you are done, Think Kettlebells then go apply it!



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