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Take the Power Back

The times are changing. The powers that be, private health care, nutritionists, health insurance and good old government have realised that personal responsibility for health is the key to wellbeing. The upside is, you are in charge. The downside is, there are no end of… [ read more ]

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Ross Enamait

Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes – Ross Enamait

Watching Ross Enamait jump rope is enough to bring even the most seasoned athlete out in a nervous sweat. But don't fret, Ross's new DVD, Jump

Al Kavadlo

We’re Working Out! Interview with Al Kavadlo

Some people make the whole idea of exercise & fitness challenging and fun. We have more than enough "pain is weakness, that which does not kill me, go


Hybrid Bodyweight Training Equipment. The Total Package?

Article by J.P. Brice. Co-inventor of the War Machine Suspended Pulley Trainer by CrossCore, Inc. Bodyweight training. It’s been around forever. But as the sports of bodybuilding and

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