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There are monsters…

…I am awake. Wide awake. I turn my phone over and check the time. 3 AM…on the dot. Outside the sodium street lights bathe everything in an orange glow.
Do I roll over and try to fall asleep or get up, get some water? Maybe… [ read more ]

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Fructose, Smoking and the benefits of being overweight.

Business as usual in the world of health and well being. Remember to set you critical faculties to the "on" position before reading. It seems that...

  • Being overweight

Be Willing to be a beginner every single morning


Light Picture

It all starts with a breath…

There are some who will tell you that the first thing we need is strength. Respectfully, I beg to differ. To be strong we need to be able to move.


Take the Power Back

The times are changing. The powers that be, private health care, nutritionists, health insurance and good old government have realised that personal responsibility for health is the key


QiGong, MMA & Training to Jay Z – An interview with Shifu Yan Lei

Shifu Yan Lei will be joining us in Edinburgh on March 31st for a QiGong and Bamboo Brush Massage workshop.  Full Details Here

Simple Strength



"In every man sleeps a prophet, and when he wakes there is a little more evil in the world" - Emile Cioran We have a need

sin prisa

Hold steady…

Every so often we lose our way. It happens to us all. Everything is rolling along just fine and then "boom". Sometimes it


Shut up and Breathe

Laoshi - "Breathe" Me - "Breathe?" Laoshi - "Yes...just breathe" Me - "What else?" Laoshi - "Nothing else" Me - "Get outta here!" If the details are simple enough, it is fine to


The cushion and the kettlebell

The more I train, the healthier I feel, the more connected I become mentally and physically. This process over the last couple of years has been incremental. For

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