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Nutritionazis – Definiftion – noun :

Nutritionazi(s) noun… [ read more ]: – A self righteous individual or group who makes judgement on other peoples eating habits whilst promoting their own “true way”…often involving novel eating strategies and supplements which, like the foods they condemn, are invariably made in a lab rather than

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Shut up and Breathe

Laoshi - "Breathe" Me - "Breathe?" Laoshi - "Yes...just breathe" Me - "What else?" Laoshi - "Nothing else" Me - "Get outta here!" If the details are simple enough, it is fine to


Erwan Le Corre – Talking tigers…

How do you train a tiger? You don't! Us human animals on the other hand have become so removed from simple everyday movement that we


MovNat – Scotland

Over the last couple of years there have been a few trainers who have been making waves.  Coaches and teachers who carve their own path,

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