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Fructose, Smoking and the benefits of being overweight.

Business as usual in the world of health and well being. Remember to set you critical faculties to the “on” position before reading.
It seems that…

  • Being overweight can extend your life
  • Fructose consumption may spur overeating
  • And those cigarettes? They might be causing more
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It all starts with a breath…

There are some who will tell you that the first thing we need is strength. Respectfully, I beg to differ. To be strong we need to be able to move.

You Are Your Own Gym

Functional vs Fictional Training

Inspired by a dialogue on Facebook this week, I got thinking about the hyperbolic training speak that surrounds the simple business of applying movement. One friend was quick

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Former MMA Fighter Cameron Conaway Combats Human Trafficking Abroad

I recently caught up with former MMA Fighter, author and activist Cameron Conaway, who is taking on his toughest opponent yet. Please share this. Rannoch - You truly are


You Are The Dojo 道場

Dōjō (道場 ) is the Japanese word for "place of the way". Originally the formal training halls of temples, in the West, the term dōjō has become synonymous

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Performance is 99% Practice

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. - Lao Tzu
Practice is the earth in the seeds of progress to grow. Complexity is nothing more that


One Tool, One Purpose, no cavemen involved…

At the moment I am approaching each practice session with one tool. And it is liberating. Today it's the sandbag. Why? Because it makes me think every step


Trying vs Training

There are certain words that get used with such ubiquity that they lose all sense of meaning. When everything is either "fantastic" or "disatrous" there is no sense

Remind yourself at various points throughout the day…


The cushion and the kettlebell

The more I train, the healthier I feel, the more connected I become mentally and physically. This process over the last couple of years has been incremental. For

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