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Bogatyr Rising Kettlebell Long Cycle Program

A long , long time ago in a gym faraway…
My introdcution to kettlebells came via Pavel Tsatsouline and his book “Enter The Kettlebell”. In truth, no amount of reading or practice would make up for eventually attending the RKC certification in Denmark all those… [ read more ]

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Be Willing to be a beginner every single morning



Guest Post at 100 Rep Challenge – Deep Practice

Please head over to the 100 Rep Challenge and check out this wonderful post from m.c. Schraefel on the power of practice...

100 Reps Towards

Light Picture

It all starts with a breath…

There are some who will tell you that the first thing we need is strength. Respectfully, I beg to differ. To be strong we need to be able to move.


There’s an App for that…

You know the score, you see some App and you think, "Great, that will make my life simpler". So you download it, open it up, take a look,

You Are Your Own Gym

Functional vs Fictional Training

Inspired by a dialogue on Facebook this week, I got thinking about the hyperbolic training speak that surrounds the simple business of applying movement. One friend was quick


You Are The Dojo 道場

Dōjō (道場 ) is the Japanese word for "place of the way". Originally the formal training halls of temples, in the West, the term dōjō has become synonymous


What’s the rush?

Many people have said more eloquently than I ever could. Practice for it's own sake, to become fairly free of error, never thinking of yourself as an all


Embracing Ambiguity – Cal Newport – Study Hacks

Beyond the 10,000 Hour Rule...

I really like this post from Cal Newport's Study Hacks


One Tool, One Purpose – The Dexterous Butcher – Chuang Tzu

A cook was butchering an ox for Duke Wen Hui. The places his hand touched, His shoulder leaned against, His foot stepped on, His knee pressed upon, Came apart with a sound. He moved

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