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It all starts with a breath…

There are some who will tell you that the first thing we need is strength.
Respectfully, I beg to differ.
To be strong we need to be able to move. Uninhibited movement is essential. Without movement, strength is weak.
For movement we require structure, without… [ read more ]

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Steve Cotter…and the Evolution of all things Kettlebells

I say it but maybe not often enough. I get to train and learn from some of the coolest people around. And they don't come any cooler than


Tim Ferriss, Marmite and Julian Assange

Tim Ferriss is Marmite. Seems folks love him or hate him. Whatever the case, people seem pretty vociferous when talking about the man behind The


How to get lucky…

I am a lucky guy. Seriously. Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to train, study and learn with some

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