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Be Willing to be a beginner every single morning


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You Are The Dojo 道場

Dōjō (道場 ) is the Japanese word for "place of the way". Originally the formal training halls of temples, in the West, the term dōjō has become synonymous


Modern Kettlebell Sport – An Interview with World Champion & Record Holder Arseny Zhernakov, HMS, Russia

Simple Strength Snap shot... When I met with Steve Cotter at the recent IKFF CKT certification at DMC Fitness in Glasgow, Steve was keen to tell me about the


QiGong, MMA & Training to Jay Z – An interview with Shifu Yan Lei

Shifu Yan Lei will be joining us in Edinburgh on March 31st for a QiGong and Bamboo Brush Massage workshop.  Full Details Here

Simple Strength

Book_cover_ Mahler

Living La Vida Agresivamente – Mike Mahler – Book Review

Mike Mahler - Live Life Aggressively

Cassidy Phillips, founder of Trigger Point Performance Therapy,  has a great phrase - "What you tolerate you accept".


Ross Enamait – STFU AND TRAIN


Simple Strength Snap shot...Ross Enamait -

"complexity only leads to more confusion"

One name that crops up regularly in the world


Martin Rooney – Training For Warriors – Interview

Here is another Simple Strength Snapshot interview. Martin Rooney, coach, author and creator of the fantastic Training For Warriors gives a


Snap Shot with Zach Even Esh

Snap Shot n.

  1. A photograph taken with a small hand-held camera.
  2. An isolated observation
Snap Shot with Zach Even Esh "My own training is very instinctive and spiritual. I go by feel


Beginners Mind – Beginners Body

 Beginner's Mind - having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level. Beginner's



Consider the following from the NYT Health blog. An interesting piece on how Sports training affects our ability to focus. Sport in this context seems

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