There’s an App for that…


You know the score, you see some App and you think, “Great, that will make my life simpler”. So you download it, open it up, take a look, you might even use it once or twice, and then it languishes on your phone till you need to delete something to free up memory.

Well, I would like to suggest a three apps that actually do exactly what you need them to do, that make life a little simpler and add some value in our hyper connected world.

Lift – (Free) This is a simple, elegant Habit tracker. You sign up, add your own habits or join in with a host of daily rituals from flossing to 100 Reps. Each day you log on and tick off your activity. A chart displays your ongoing efforts. That’s it. Simple and effective. You can give a thumbs up to others efforts but beyond that it really is that straight forward. –

Saagara – Pranayama - (Free version and Paid) The free version is excellent. Saagara’s Breath Work app allows you to choose from a number of breathing ccycles but what really makes this stand out is the in breath and out breath are accompanied by tones. No more counting or guessing. The paid for version has some advanced cycles but the Free Version is more than useful. It includes an animation but I am not sure how much attention you would pay to it. You set the time for your session and perform the breathing cycles accompanied by the audio cue. Wonderfully effective.

Insight Timer - (Paid) This meditation timer is, once again, simple and easy to use. You have a choice of bowls and bells you can set to start and end each session. What makes it really special is you can see who else is online and meditating at the same time. Interesting to be able to sit with Tina in Canada or Paulo in Brazil whilst you simply watch your breath. And believe it or not, that cyber sangha has a very encouraging effect to get you on the cushion.

What I like about all three Apps is, without your participation they are useless.


Next up…Training Apps that actually help you. Yeah, I know, believe it or not, they exist!

About the author

I am a movement maverick, exploring beginner's mind and beginner's body through mobility, bodyweight training, breathwork, mindfulness, kettlebells and martial arts, focussing on self care, pain free movement and resilience. Find suggestions to get you moving over at Want to move with ease and imagination? For individual or group instruction please contact me.
  • Nina Pagalos

    I agree with your final statement about participating in the app. I have so many on my phone that I downloaded just cause they sounded cool when they popped up in the app store, but never use them. Pranayama is something I know is a great health benefit, and since I can track my exercises on it I work toward using it every day (and then can check off Yoga and Meditation on my Lift app!!)

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